Pressure Washer Go-Cart

Pressure Washer Go-Cart

This project came about when my good friend Doodle came to visit around Thanksgiving. While enjoying a beer or two(or three), we decided to adventure to the garage to find ourselves a project for the long weekend.
As always i have a plethora of half worked projects around, but we couldn't find any we wanted to finish, until an old Pressure Washer caught our attention. I had gotten this 11HP Honda(GX340) Pressure Washer from a friend I used to work for and wasnt even sure whether it still worked.

To start we tinkered around a bit and removed the pressure pump, which in all honesty was a treasure in itself. Im sure Ill post some pictures of it when i get around to it.
Anyway after we had removed and disassembled the pump we turned our attention to the engine. checked the oil, gas and air filter and then fired it up. ran like a charm.

So now came the question of what we should do with this. Obviously a go-cart was the best idea!.
At first our plan was to build a 3 wheel go-cart, with old bicycle part.
We thought 3 wheels is a good idea, we could just use the chain drive from an old bike and 2 steering forks in the front for steering.
We figured old bicycles were easy to come by.. but NO, not around here, we went to dumps, junkyards and bike shops, noone had old frames or anything. After a while we tracked down a guy in Seabrook, NH who runs a used bike shop. He found us a couple of old run-down bikes and gave us a good price on them.

At first we cut apart a few bicycles and welded on the rear half of a bike to the back of our tri-frame. This turned out to be a bad idea as the bikeframes were too fragile. So we cut it off and found ourselves an old snowblower, from which we re-purposed the drive chain setup and wheels. We also invested in some nice bearings and bearing blocks to create a belt-to-chain link via a clutch. Here is the final project:

Final GocartFinal Gocart

Transmission setupTransmission setup

More pics:
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