ADASS XX: Massively Parallel Fourier-Space Cross Correlations for Analyzing Highly Dimensional Time Series Databases

Today I gave a Talk at Boston ADASS XX conference.
If anyone is interested in my slides, I will attach them to this post.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

ADASS 2010 link: Slides

Hello and Welcome

I have finally managed to get this site up, running and viewable to the world.
The being said, its not 100% done, so there are still some changes to be coming in the CSS styling, and i will soon start adding some content.

til then.


Cellphone Tripod Sunpak 620-500C


Xerox C2424 Printer Reverse Engineering.

Dismantling, Parting and Reverse Engineering a Solid ink Printer

My old work, Harvards IIC, had to dispose of an old solid ink printer, here I go through it and dismantle it.

Together with my buddy Sean we tried to get behind this printers mysteries, while scavenging for parts.

[[there be images here]]

Pressure Washer Go-Cart

Turning a boring 11hp pressure washer into a murder trike/quad

This project came about when my good friend Doodle came to visit around Thanksgiving. While enjoying a beer or two(or three), we decided to adventure to the garage to find ourselves a project for the long weekend.
As always i have a plethora of half worked projects around, but we couldn't find any we wanted to finish, until an old Pressure Washer caught our attention. I had gotten this 11HP Honda(GX340) Pressure Washer from a friend I used to work for and wasnt even sure whether it still worked.

Getting ready for "release"

Hello everyone,

This thing is finally getting ready to go out in the wild.
here are some project pages Ive been working on:

Trike->Quad build

Coding projects

Xerox c2424

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