Migration finally done.

As of late last week I have finally completed the migration away from the previous incarnation of my Drupal-based blog. Even since its initial deployment I found it to be overly complicated for me to get simple things accomplished. I would often think about writing a post but usually got hung up on actually properly formatting and writing the post. In the meantime I started messing around with Ghost, first as an quick and easy-to-use blog separate from my main website, then even ended up using it for our wedding website last year.

After sifting through many different themes I think I've arrived at one which simple, clean and un-obtrusive. I have completed the content migration and ultimately ended up merging my main website and my blog together into one easily manageable platform. Along the way I did some performance tuning using ApacheBench to see how Ghost does under load and ultimately enabled Apache's mod_cache_disk to prevent node.js from pegging the CPU on my humble VPS.

I look forward to having a clean and easy to use platform at my disposal to document some of my thoughts, tips and tricks in a way that it may be useful to others.